Sunday, January 1, 2017

Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but so far for me, 2017 has been a great year! 

I woke up. Seriously. I know, as a believer, the options are win/win. But still, the Lord saw fit to give me another day on the planet to serve Him and to tell others about Him and His unchanging, unconditional love. So that's a plus in my book. 

I woke up alongside the man I have loved for almost 33 years. Again, a win!

In addition, I woke up after a good night's rest under a roof of our own, safe, warm, and loved. Not everyone is able to make that statement. People in our own neighborhoods go to bed hungry, fearful, and lonely. 

After morning devotions, (a freedom we should never take for granted) I chose what I would wear from many options. A luxury, for sure.  I showered, changed, and we left for church. Praise God! We belong to a church comprised of an amazing congregation of people, led by healthy, God-honoring, humble leaders. Again, not everyone is blessed with a strong body of believers and healthy church leadership. 

Following church we came home in our own vehicle, prayed together, and left to take lunch to my sweet, 90 year-old mother-in-law. God is so good! We laughed and fellowshipped together, and then, on the way home, my husband and I took a little drive just to detour and have some time together. 

Now that I'm home, the dishwasher is loaded, dinner is warming, and I am relaxing. I'm tired, but praise God in heaven that I am; it means I am able to walk on my own- another blessing I NEVER take for granted, after my foot surgeries!

So yeah, this new year's off to a great start. Maybe, just maybe, this year we could just stop now with 2017 and go ahead to 2018. Who's gonna stop us? The "Calendar Police?" People, lets just quit while we're ahead. We have no idea what kind of stuff awaits us this year. Seriously. Cash it in and run for the hills!I saw 2016- it wasn't pretty!

Obviously we can't do that. We have to march through this year, head held high and shoulder-to-shoulder. But I know this: God is in control and He will continue to be. So let's rest in the knowledge that tomorrow, January 2, holds as much promise and hope as January 1 did. Pray, worship, seek Him, and reach others. For the next 364 days. 

See you tomorrow! 

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