Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Am Never in Danger of Becoming Boastful

I am never in danger of becoming boastful. Because there are always days like today. It started normally enough, getting ready for a church meeting. I was wearing a blue top and I suddenly remembered that I had a chunky blue necklace that would match really well. I managed to find the necklace and, while putting it on, I looked in the mirror. Checking out my new haircut, I noticed I had a big bunch of bent hair on one side of my head. Now, I am a symmetrical girl, and big bunches of bent hair bother me. I quickly grabbed the can of hair spray and gave it a shot like I was zapping a bug. Down the stairs and off I go!

Of course, the March winds have hung around into April, so my hair blew all over as soon as I stepped out of the door. A quick check in the car mirror to fix my hair again, but this time I got cold chills: I was badly bruised and it looked really scary! After having suffered a TIA a few years ago, I am super-sensitive to unexpected bruising, especially on my neck. My neck. 

Oh, wait.

My necklace-- the hair spray acted as a paint thinner! My cute blue chunky necklace was...melting all over my neck!

Already having everything I needed in the car, and not wanting to fight the hot wind (I have mentioned before how I am not a fan of the wind, but it bears repeating), I decided to remove the necklace and "wash" my neck with hand sanitizer and tissue, silently nodding to myself how the Girl Scoults really missed out when I quit because we never would really go camping, only make "sit-upons" and talk about camping. They could've used my resourcefulness. And I say that not to boast-- oh no-- I say that admitting that I have had to get myself out of situations like this so often, it really is the norm.

I left the necklace off as I drove to the meeting. We both needed to calm down and allow ourselves to...dry off.

I thought about how many other times I have spilled, tripped, broken, sprained, and torn. I thought about the silliness of ego-- we are nothing apart from Christ. I thought about the dear ladies who, just hours ago, asked me, ME, to speak at their church. Me, the one with the blue neck. The one with scars from deep wounds. The one with forgiven sins and brokenness. 

The one who needs a Savior every day of her life. 

I called one of my sisters to share a laugh and to revel in humility-- and to adore the only one Who deserves to be boasted upon. 

As God continues to bless me and as He allows me the honor of serving Him in so many different ways, I know I will always stay humble and totally emptied of myself. Because I will always be one step away from a blue neck.

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