Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have a confession. I have remained silent about something that has been bothering me for some time. I have chosen to not speak up about a topic that has had me concerned for years. I have been silent because the topic is awkward and is evil and embarrassing. But as a child of God, a wife, a mother, a friend, a mentor, and as a women's ministry director, I should speak when I am called to speak and I should speak out loud with the conviction that I feel in my heart. So ladies, I am speaking to you, first here, and then shared on the media outlets that I have chosen. I know because I post this blog on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest that there is the chance that men will read it. I have no control over that, but it is my hope and intention that this one will be left to the ladies, for it addresses a topic that is indeed, delicate. If you have ever valued anything I have ever said to you, if you have sought me out for advice, if you have read my writing and have been touched by the words that I have shared with you, do this for me:

Do not go see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether you are thinking about seeing it with a group of women or with your man or by yourself - just don't. Do not believe the lies of the enemy when you think that it is "just a movie." Do not be deceived into thinking that it is all make-believe and that what happened on the screen could never happen in real life or one of the other thousand lies that you will no-doubt encounter - such as the classic one: what happens between consenting adults is ok as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Well guess what? The topics that this book and the subsequent movie deal with are not of God and they are not what God intended for a holy, ordained relationship, therefore they hurt people. Even innocent movie-goers. 

As you know I often stay away from areas that could be considered "pop-culture." I do joke with my friends and family (especially those younger than I) that I "try to stay current." And I do. I read articles, listen to music, and do what I can to be informed about what is going on in the world; I think it's important to know what's happening so that we can know how to meet needs and what issues we face. I want to know what people are being told so that I can know how to seek God's direction and search Scripture for counters to the counter-culture. God's women are faced with daily bombardment about their appearance, their roles, their sexuality, and I consider it part of my purpose on earth to help them sort out some of this trash and dig deep for the prize which is the Truth of God almighty. I read, I listen, I watch. 
But I know when to draw the line. And I will not read, listen to, or watch this book/movie. I don't need to. 

You may ask, if you haven't read it or watched it, then how can you make this statement? I know enough. I know what it is about, and I know that the kind of actions and behavior that takes place is not what God intended when He created me in His image. It is filled with sin, and sin is wrong, in case you forgot. Sin can seem exciting and enticing and intriguing and that's exactly what sin does- that's why we are lured toward it. We are prone to sin and therefore we are weak and able to fall. So do you think that seeing a movie that is based completely on sin would be a good idea? Do you really think that you would come out of the theater unblemished? 

You may be reading this and thinking, "Why is she going on about this? Who would go see this movie? Certainly none of my sisters in Christ!" You'd be surprised, dear sister. 

I am linking an article from the Lifeway Christian Resources women's ministry page to this page of my own. I urge you to read this article and then pray for God's direction in your life regarding all the social media, cultural influences, and so-called forms of entertainment that are prevalent in our world today. 

Lifeway Christian Resources

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this or if you challenge my opinion. I'd love to have the opportunity to explain to you why it's so important that we stand strong as women who can look ourselves and our daughters in the eyes and know that we have made the right choices and we have treated ourselves and each other with respect. It's up to us to carry ourselves with the dignity that God has given us and to be able to know without a doubt that we have honored Him with our bodies and our minds. Because if you and I don't respect ourselves first, who will? 

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