Thursday, February 5, 2015

You have worth. 

Let me repeat myself. You have worth. 

We really don't dwell on that much as Christians. We're busy trying to be humble and be last so we'll be first and decreasing and everything. Please don't be offended: nothing is wrong with any of that! And don't think my casual approach makes me any less reverent. I know Who is in control of my life and I give Him ALL the honor and praise.

But I have a message for you: You have worth. 

Recently I was looking at the stars with my husband. I shared with him how I feel when I gaze up at the vast display of stars, planets, and beyond. Most people say they feel small and insignificant. Not me. I feel...special. I know that God created the heavens and He numbers each star. I know He set the planets in motion and that life as we know it hinges on the balance of the spinning and orbiting and perihelion and aphelion and all the other terms that we have used to describe what is really happening: God is in charge! And guess what- He made me. Me! In His image. How could I feel small when I'm a part of something so huge and important as being created by the God of the universe? 

As always when I ponder the nature of God, I am reminded of the great lengths He went to in order to create everything that surrounds us. I've already written about the beauty of nature, but it bears a little repeating: He made it ALL. The birds, the flowers, the trees, the mountains, the oceans-- all of nature is there for me to enjoy and to care for and to use for my nourishment. And I get to experience it
But wait, there's more!

He knew that I couldn't possibly live life according to the rules (ten little rules, all logical and kind) so He did what I cannot even imagine doing. 

He sent His one and only Son to die in my place and pay every price for the sins that I was going to commit. 

He would have gone to the cross, even if it had only been my sin. That's how much He loves me. 

Now tell me-- does that sound like something you would do for someone who had no worth at all? 

I know that I did nothing- absolutely nothing- to earn His love and His mercy. Nothing. In fact, I have done everything to seemingly make Him want to turn away. But He has never done that, nor will He. 

Because He loves me. 

He doesn't care what kind of clothes I wear. He just wants me to have clothes. 
He doesn't care what kind of education I have. He wants me to seek Him. 
He doesn't care what I look like. He only wants me to look like Him. 
He doesn't care how old I am. He has numbered my days. 
He doesn't care if I just finished sinning. He's just glad I finished. 
And if I am right smack in the middle of sin? He's sad and He wants it to stop.   
Because He cares about ME. He cares about my heart
And He loves me anyway. 

And He always will. 

So the next time you allow the enemy to invade your mind and to place doubt about your worth, tell him to back off. You were created by the God of the universe and He makes no mistakes. Call on Jesus to rescue you from the sin you are in and be sincere. Mean it. He will charge into your life like an army and there will be no room for sin or fear or hatred. Only love and compassion and mercy and about a million other amazing feelings will fill your wounded heart. 

Know why? He loves you. And because of that, you have worth. 

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

Matthew 10:31 So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 

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