Friday, November 20, 2015

Beth's Coming to Norfolk!

Picture this: a lazy summer afternoon on my back porch. Iced tea, iPad, and the sound of birds and wind chimes. The sweet smell of fresh grass and the buzzing of bees pollinating their little hearts out. Summer at its finest. Suddenly the familiar chirp of a text message coming in cuts through the afternoon air and I reach for the phone. I would have ignored it but I had loved-ones traveling. A friend on the road with her husband and his family, as well as my own sister and her friends attending a women's event. 

"It's true, it's in the book AND she just announced it! Beth's coming to Norfolk!" (please insert many more exclamation marks than this)
Now I'd like to tell you what everyone else was doing on the back porch when I started freaking out, but honestly I went into my own little world- my personal mission field- my zone. There was no one there but me, my phone, and Beth's "Siestas."      
The texts started to fly-
"What? When? Are you sure? Are tickets on sale now?"

And thus began the mad flurry of texts, calls, nervous laughter, and the joy that comes when you learn that that your city (when you live in an area that is a metropolis of seven cities, any and every one of them is yours) OUR CITY would be welcoming one of the most gifted Bible teachers of our time. A woman who knows pain, who knows doubt, who knows brokenness and who knows the Lord Who brought her out of all of that and delivered her to share her story and His message with so many others. She brings a word for this time and for this area and unless I get called home, I am not about to miss it!

Never underestimate a woman with a smart phone and a good signal. In a matter of minutes tickets were bought and rooms were reserved. (Hey- do not judge- I know we live here but it is still a Beth Weekend!) Since then we have gathered to plan and to pray. The word is getting out and the Word will be shared. In the mean time, I'll pray for Beth, the praise team, and each woman the Lord brings to this important event-- will you be one of them? 

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