Friday, December 11, 2015

My Christmas List

I am a list-er. I love to make lists. Been doing it since I was a child. Lists of my toys. Lists of my friends. Lists of my pets. Lists of ideas. 

If you are a list-er, like me, I know you are loving life right now. This is our time. We have lists of Things to Do, Things to Buy, people we need to contact on our Christmas Card List. Then there are the sub-lists: the lists of what we need for the "Things to Do" list. The list of the menu to go with the Grocery List. And the biggest list of the season: the Christmas List. 

This year, I am submitting my Christmas List to all of you who read this blog. I just want you to know what I am thinking about this Christmas. Know, too, that it is in no particular order. Nor is it exhaustive. And for that matter, it isn't addressed to anyone in particular. 
It's just a list, people. Just a list. Here we go: 

1. Snow. Yes, snow. I would love to see inches and inches of fluffy white snow all over the land. Cold as all get out. Trees laden with the kind of snow Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney were hoping for when they sang about it on the train. (If you have no idea what I am talking about I feel very sorry for you right now.)  Snow

2. All the people to be warm in the aforementioned snow. I always feel selfish when I want snow and then think of people who are cold, who may need medical attention, and so on. So this wish goes with #1. Safe driving, strong electrical wires, and plenty of firewood. And smart use of space heaters. 

By now you are beginning to see why I make lists.

3. I would like to see Christmas as I saw it as a child. It would involve shiny garland, spray snow on the windows, and the hard candies that come in a tin and smell spicy and sweet. It would also mean big, over-sized colored lights and the warmest, softest hugs I have ever had. There would be an Ideals magazine on the coffee table and the front door would be wrapped like a present. The stockings would be hung on the banister and Santa would somehow get in the house with the presents even though we had a furnace and a skinny pipe and no fireplace. That could happen then because Christmas was magical and amazing and good. 

4. Time. I would like more time at Christmas. It is so special and beautiful and we only get it for a month or so. Yes, I know, the stuff gets out in the stores early and all. Whatever. I am SO OK with getting sparkly ornaments and colored lights onto store shelves. It beats what's there for the rest of the year! But the festive part, the part of sharing good cheer and kindness and happiness - that part seems to get shorter and shorter. I'd like it to last just a little longer.  Like forever. 

5. I would like for the mean people to be nice. All of them. The ones who dart around us in the parking lot when we're waiting for the disabled person to cross safely. The ones who want to bomb our buildings because we love Jesus. The people who think that they are the only ones with problems or answers or wisdom. The selfish people. The haughty people. The hypocrites. 

The bullies. 

The ones who say they love Jesus but sure don't act very much like Him. Every single one of them just needs to be...nice. I wish for that. 

6. No more cancer. Or Alzheimer's. Or child abuse. The stuff that I have to pray about in the daytime because if I pray about it at night I guarantee I will not sleep. But maybe I'm not supposed to sleep. Because prayer changes things. Prayer works. God has heard my prayers offered from a tear-soaked pillow in the middle of the night and He has answered. Glory. 

7. World sanity. I guess that makes me sound as old as I am. But I just think that the world (and by the world I mean our leaders and those in the media and the governments) has collectively lost its mind- lost its ability to think clearly and act according to sound reasoning. Growing up in the 60s, I saw war, drugs, social injustice and then later justice. I saw assassinations. In the 70s I saw the effects of the war on the ones who came home. I saw people seeking selfish pleasure and then finding it in the 80s. The 90s tried to reestablish the "American Way,' but the 00s saw a new kind of war. One that caused what was left of our character to collapse along with the buildings. I'm waiting and wishing to see us become sane again. 

8. I would like to go to a Christmas Day movie. I hear that people do that. I am fascinated. Are these the people who have their lives so together, so well-managed, that they have time on Christmas Day to get dressed and drive to the movies? All the torn pieces of wrapping paper are picked up, the leftovers put away, the dishes are done and they are rested enough that they will be able to sit in a theater and NOT fall asleep? Or maybe that's their way of escaping to a $10 nap time. Either way, the thought of that is so inviting.
Unless these are the lonely people, in which case it's just sad. 

9. No one to be lonely.  :)

10. Normal light bulbs. I mean, we can buy cigarettes that will kill us, but the government won't allow us to have a decent, soft, light bulb? And for crying out loud will you please bring back the strands of lights with the plugs that allowed my Hallmark ornaments to light up and move and play music and be generally obnoxious. With all of this new LED stuff, Mickey's rocket no longer glows, the NASA space capsule is dark, and Superman is only Clark Kent standing in a phone booth. It just doesn't look the same and it sure doesn't sound the same when I turn on the tree on in the morning. My tree is scary quiet. I think it's plotting against me. 

It's my list and my struggle and it deserves a place. Don't judge. 

11. Better scouting for the Yankees. 

12. For people to "fess up." Stop lying. Stop deceiving. Stop pretending you're something you're not. Just stop it before you embarrass yourself. You're not fooling the only One Who matters. He knows who you are and what you are and what you are doing and He is not pleased with your dishonesty. 

13. To really write. I mean the kind of writing that I love to read. The kind of writing that moves and inspires and makes you want to throw it down and pick up your Bible and race to Jesus. To be a vessel emptied out onto a keyboard and poured straight into a heart. 

and finally

14. More Jesus. There. That's it. The best and biggest thing on my list. With "more Jesus' most of these other things would be taken care of and the rest wouldn't really matter anyway. If we fill ourselves with more of Him, there won't me any more room for the bad things. If we try to live closer to Him, He will stay closer to us. 

If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love.  John 15:10

So there you have it. My Christmas list. And, in case you are wondering, blogging about my list was ACTUALLY on my list of things to do. I can check that off now. I feel so much better. I'd love to read what's on your list, so comment below and share your heart. And if you want, I'll add you to my most important list of all: my prayer list.   

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