Friday, August 30, 2013

It may still be hot outside, but Fall is coming. I know, it's not even Labor Day. And the first official day of Autumn isn't until the 22nd. But Fall is the season that begins with subtle hints. The grasses get a little thinner, a little wispier. Around here, the air gets just a little less humid (less humid here means that you can actually breathe the air in without needing a diving mask). And don't the trees just look like they are tired of being green? They look exhausted and ready for a change; like if you had to wear the same thing for 5 months straight you wouldn't want a little "color?"

Yesterday I got up and there was a light fog over the back corn field. Soon the fog will linger and the dew will be heavy and the corn will turn even more golden - oh, it's coming.

I've been thinking a lot about seasons. There have been so many seasons in my life. God has allowed me to serve Him in so many different areas and to be touched by countless examples of Christian character, all "for such a time as this."

As you go through your life seasons, be sure to shine in each one. Moms, your season is so sweet. You begin as a caregiver and grow into a confidante. You are building the end result while you are in the middle of laundry, lunchboxes, and lists. You are quite often the deciding factor of the evidence of joy in your home. Scary thought, isn't it? When all you want to do at times is sit down and as I would have to say, "Think my own thoughts." The songs you sing to yourself are toddler tunes, you know every brand of diaper on the market and have coupons for all of them. This will transition into an in-depth knowledge of crayon colors, cartoons, super heroes, and video games. The details that are so important to you at this time make way for more details that become equally as important.

As your season changes and you move past the physical stage of momhood, you will be vital in the instilling of grace and love in your kids. "Make good choices" and "remember Whose you are" will become your mottos imparted daily. There is, every day, an opportunity for you to make a memory and to build and edify your husband and your children. I know you're tired. I know. But your strength comes from the Lord  (Philippians 4:13) and He is right there with you (Hebrews 13:5). Just ask Him. Sure, other moms are helpful at times, but no one replaces the One Who created you and your kids and Who died for both of you. Run to Him. Run! Seek wisdom and guidance and then trust that you will use it well.

As with every season there is a time for harvest. When it comes in abundance, don't be surprised. Just put on a pot of soup and get ready for Fall.

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  1. Reading this through tears as I recall the seasons of your life, and how very proud of you I have been in each one. So thankful that He gave me the very best sister to share these seasons with (I know Mom, I ended the sentence with a preposition!).


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