Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you, Lord!

This day was always one of the most frustrating to me when I was working. It's the day that all the teachers return from Summer Vacation. Don't get me wrong: I love(d) the teachers, it was just difficult to hear about their summers when I had been working hard during what was my busiest time. Tales of long days at the beach, memory-making trips, and good books read only served to add fuel to my exhausted fire. I avoided it, and them, at all cost. Until the dreaded Meeting. Everyone gathers to wax philosophical and to launch the year. Words like "pedagogy" and "differential" are tossed out like peanuts at a ball park. All while I would be wondering whether there were books and supplies for teachers and students being delivered and picked up at two campuses. Meanwhile, the line would be forming down the hall to purchase PE uniforms, even though the kids don't dress out for a week. The phone was ringing non-stop and the best possible way to manage it was to tread water in the ocean of voice mails. So, "Welcome Back" to all the teachers, and to all the staff I say, "Stay strong." This too, will pass, and the tales of adventure will die down. As for me, laundry and another cup of coffee await.

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